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Welcome to the East King County Soccer Referees Association (EKCSRA) Site on Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 at 5:28am PDT.

The action never ends! #8EKCSRA provides Soccer Referees to officiate soccer matches as requested by our Clients, generally in the eastern portion of King County in the Pacific Northwest (Washington State). Our Site is primarily intended to support and assist our Membership, our Clients, and Leagues that we support, but we do offer some information of use to the general Web population under the Information category you'll see at the left edge of every www.ekcsra.org page.

If you are a current EKCSRA User, you'll need to identify yourself to our Site to access the private areas of the Site. If you do not currently have a LOGON ID and would like one, check out the LOGON: REGISTER function.

In the mean time, we hope to see you on the pitch!
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TOURNAMENT PLANNING SCHEDULE EXPLAINED. What is a planning schedule you ask. SeeMore


Upcoming Tournaments in EKC (Projected):

Crossfire Younger (July 20-24) @ Sixty Acres
Crossfire Select (July 28-30) @ Sixty Acres
RedApt Cup (Aug 11-13) @ Sixty Acres
NWCL Season (Aug 18-20)@...


Crossfire Select Tournament REAL SCHEDULE IS RELEASED and available for self assignment.


AFTER JUNE 2015 ALL REFEREES FOR EKCSRA GAMES MUST USE DIRECT DEPOSIT including EKCSRA's summer tournaments. Sign up for direct deposit on the Business tab of your EKCSRA Profile under Services o...