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EKCSRA Youth Pool

Restrictions (Policies)

1) You must be at least 16 to join the Youth Pool. (why? because we are seeking more adult participants). 2) If you are a dues paying MEMBER of EKCSRA you must have a relationship with the team. Perhaps a child playing on the team or being the coach of the team. (new referees is the watchword). *** exceptions can be made for both 1&2 - but this involves approval of the Clubs as well as EKCSRA. Be sure to include the Club and Team name and the reasoning behind your request.

How to sign-up?

EKCSRA has created a Teams table on our website where the Clubs add the names of their teams. You logon, go to Youth Pool (under Referee) find your team and select it; to finish you click CONFIRM. You can also signup for more than one team if you are so inclined. The priority will be split between them.


If you referee games, for each assignment you do you get one(1) priority point - every Tuesday morning we recalculate PRIORITY (games done) for the future games in the season. Teams with low or no Priority may or may not get referees; if they have referees assigned these referees may be moved to other games that have a higher Priority. Many referees have no vested interest in the Youth Pool program - think about it -- if the program works well then you have the following scenario. A referee wakes up Saturday morning (the weather is nice) and wants to signup for some games, but the are ALL gone (Youth Pool program working) or same situation but when he looks there are 20 open games, so they are very happy because they can get games. (Youth Pool program not working) and still have 18 open games.

How many games do I have to do?

Think of it this way - your team plays 7-10 games so that is 21-30 officials necessary. So from a philosophical perspective you could argue you need to do 21-30 games. If you have 3 youth pool referees on the team it becomes 7-10. BUT this doesn't factor in those referees without kids in the program who continued to referee long after their kids left. So the Clubs ask that you do 10 games (CR or AR) for them. This is their part of the bargain. From our perspective we NEED to replace the old-timers - as such we need some of you to really like refereeing. So there is no correct answer, just a problem in search of a solution.

Youth Pool

So what is the Youth Pool? Understanding the problem is the key to understanding why you are interested in the answer. Youth Soccer is a wonderful sport for our young persons and it should be a satisfying, enjoyable and safe activity. For the most part Soccer is a sport with few needs: 1) You need a team and a coach; and 2) You need a field and a ball; and 3) You need an opponent; and 4) You need a referee.


So where do these referees come from? 65% of all referees are current or former parents; 31% are current youth players; The other 4%, well are the other 4%. Many of the former parents are now grandparents. (this is a problem that will eventually lead to more severe shortages as they die off). Our percentages above reflect EKCSRA, but are skewed because we have fewer younger age games. In the 70's, 80' and early 90's most of the parents refereed for free, doing games before and after their kids played. This changed dramatically in the mid-to-late 90's and continues today with very few parents becoming referees. Since there is an inherent shortage for referees (growth of the sport and less volunteering) we created the Youth Pool program to try and mirror the "old days". It sort of works, but only if parents begin to participate again.